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Olive oil’s historical tradition goes back to the Phoenicians’ times. Olive oil has come a long way since then, from those times where the Romans used to apply it as a medicine to this current times where prestigious chefs use it to make their most refined gourmet dishes or where at labs reknown scientists explain us about its properties.

Due to its natural properties and actions olive oil was anciently consireded a medicine. Among its several properties currently agreed by physicians and scientists, there are the following:

It helps preventing heart diseases, mainly heart attack.
It is a natural remedy to treat ulcers.
In pediatrics, it is the right fat for infantile nutrition.
It helps bones growth and calcium abosorption.
It prevents cancer and diabetes.
It is excellent to keep skin fresh and healthy.
It is rich in vitamines A, D, E, F and K.
It increases body defences.
It is antirachitic.
It prevents infertility.
It prevents hemorrhages.

Extra vrigin olive oil features many benefits to our health and because of that olive oil commercialization increase has also boosted olive growth and production, though olive oil’s price remains higher than other oils.

Like wines, oil varietals differ, featuring a extremely high aromatic and gustatory sensory complexity. Said differences in olive oil depend on the land, manufacture process and olive varietal being used. Among different olive oils and in quality order the following categories can be find, being organic extra virgin olive oil the one that features the best quality.

Organic extra virgin olive oil. Made to please the most demanding consumers. Organic olive oil is significanlty more expensive. This is because it is a genuine gourmet product that is produced by growing the olive grove chemical free. This makes this oil feature much superior properties.

Among the different olive oil types, virgin and pure olive oil are the richest ones in vitamine E (featuring antioxidant effect) and phytosterols (substances helping to lower blood cholesterol). All oils stand out due to their high level of monounsaturated fat, mainly oleic acid. Among them, organic olive oil stands out because it is chemical substance free, from olive growth to the moment it reaches the comsumer.

Regarding organic honey, performed tests have shown that our honey keeps its whole natural properties, being absolutely free of any residues.

Benefits for health within its antural properties:

It is and antiseptic for the respiratory and urinary tracts,
It is recommended against chest cold and other respiratory tract affections.
It is the most recommended for diabetics.

Organic nutrition: why does it help to keep us healthy?

Coming back to natural nutrition, by means of organic products that do not suffer more and more agressive industrial processes, have led us to appraise organic nutrition as part of a health promoting process as well as a metabolic and immunological disease prevention process. Among the latter there are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, such as cancer and other immunological problems, being this already proven by several researches.

We must bear in mind that our health is directly related to the kind of food we have: therefore, a good nutrition of vegetables and animals we serve on our family’s table makes elements we need for life availble… And this is what organic based nutrition is based on.
Organic nutrition does not only include vegetables, but also comprises meat, milk, honey, and even aromatic and healing herbs.

Organic food growth applies farming techniques that keep soil nutrition richness and follows nature cycles: vegetables being grown according to these techniques feature each species’ minerals and vitamins, naturally get ripe and retain nutrients. Animals live on drug (such as antibiotics) and hormone free usual rations and fulfill their biological phases.

Organic food also avoids using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only do these chemicals deposit on the plants to later reach humans, but also reach water layers when being applied in excess and then not used. This can affect the ecosystem, even at long distances: direct mortality of fish and other aquatic organisms, decrease of algae and other species constituting their nutrition source.

Food obtained by these methods features a larger amount of nutrients, ranging from those usually known as vitamins and minerals to substances such as phytonutrients, vegetal origin elements that protect us from radiation, air pollutants and preservatives added to industrialized food.

Phytonutrients are substances that usually feature a variety of colors such as flavonoids and anthocyanins, which occur at the end of growth process: if the plant is picked up before it gets fully ripe, phytonutrients decrease in their concentration and cannot comply with their protective effects. This is what happens to most vegetables we find.

Organic food features its own enzymes that help to cure intestine inflammation, food digestion and absorption. This will later enter our circulatory system in order to be distributed among body cells to meet our metabolic and functional needs: protein production, nucleic acids, energy, hormones, antibodies and brain neuropeptides. Therefore, all organic functions improve.

Organic products’ nutritional value:

more Vitamin C, which increases protection against colds, preserves teeth and gum, helps preventing hemorrhage, helps protecting the cardiovascular and immunological systems.
more calcium, and a balance amount of phosphorus, fluor and silica which help improving bones and teeth formation and preservation at all life stages.
iron better digestion, which helps oxygen transportation.
besides, organic food features better taste and aroma due to other substances such as essential oils, also related to digestion.

Note written to Terrasana by Dr. Elba Albertinazzi
President of the Argentine Association of Naturist Physicians

Our products are certified by Organización Internacional Agropecuaria and Each crop is certified as Kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Agudath, Israel.

Fruits are hand harvested and thoroughly selected, thus preserving environmental balance in the area and generating pollutant free higly healtly food.

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