Organic extra virgin olive oil Terrasana is a pure olive oil, a genuine olive juice. This product has not been refined and is additive or preservative free.

This is a step to achieve a better health. Organic extra virgin oil must be the option to choose in order to dress salads, fry, spread it on bread or simply have a spoon at lunch.

CBy having organic extra virgin olive oil we enjoy a unique sensory experience while preserving and increasing our Health.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is oil at its highest quality in every sense, from its growth to its complex making process. This is a real gourmet delight to please the most refined palates. This oil features many properties since it lacks chemical residues. From the gourmet point of view its flavor enhances any dish to which this oil is added to. All olive varietals offer excellent organic olive oil provided that olives are healthy, are grown pursuant to organic agriculture, are pressed on the same day they were harvested and that oil is properly stored.


Many olive oils are impersonal. These impersonal oils are produced at a large scale and their sensory features provide, for instance to a salad bouquet, with nothing. Good thing is that identifying a superior quality olive oil, an extra virgin olive oil, and mostly organic oil, is easy. These oils feature an outstanding aroma and their taste and palate are extremely pleasant. Tasting an organic extra virgin olive oil is like tasting a selected wine, or even more tempting. Our organic extra virgin olive oil is the stone among olive oils being produced by our company's effort and will to take the best of our crops home. Our organic extra virgin olive oil's scent and flavor are absolutely irreproachable and its acidity degree is at 0.5 or lower.

Arbequina variety virgin oils feature an exquisite flavor that generates tomato and vegetable garden slight accents. These are also fruity oils featuring an exotic aroma. They feature fresh apple aroma together with that mildness and sweetness that distinguish them, thus leaving a final almond green aftertaste. Therefore, they are oils featuring extremely balanced properties and greener (leaf), bitter and spicy flavors at the beginning of the campaign, and sweeter flavors in the end. This kind of oils highlight slightly cooked dishes’ goodness, for instance salads, paellas, fried fish, grilled dishes, etc.


Honey Pies Honey Pies
Caper and Olive Oil Tapenade Caper and Olive...
Basil Pesto Basil Pesto
Chocolate Almond Biscotti Chocolate Almond...
Pepper Salad Pepper Salad
Penne al Pomodoro Fresco Penne al Pomodoro...
Pizza Crust Pizza Crust

Our products are certified by Organización Internacional Agropecuaria and Each crop is certified as Kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Agudath, Israel.

Fruits are hand harvested and thoroughly selected, thus preserving environmental balance in the area and generating pollutant free higly healtly food.

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